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As Pikan Fırın, we do not want to leave any question marks in your mind. For this reason, we organize all the content on our site to provide you with a better service. We always aim for more to provide better service. You can find most of the topics you want to learn from our related content. To save you time, we've put together frequently asked questions.

Is your question not answered below? Contact Us!
For all your questions that cannot be answered here, please write to us using our contact form or call 0 (549) 716 31 59.
I ordered. When will I receive the products?
Under normal conditions, you will receive it in 2-3 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the current "epidemic" period, unfortunately, there are some delays due to the problems at the distribution points of the cargo companies. Especially, some cargo destination branches in Istanbul have started not to accept cargo due to the extraordinary intensity they experience. In order to avoid such a situation—if you suspect that there is such a density in your area—please contact us using the correspondence form on our contact page before ordering.
What is the shipping fee?
Our shipping fee to all over Turkey is 60 TL for orders up to 299 TL, and there is no shipping fee for orders over 300 TL.
Which shipping company do you use for shipping?
Cargo services are provided by the contracted companies Aras Cargo and Inter Global Cargo.
How do you prepare the products? How do you ship?

Every order placed from our website until 16.00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is packed and delivered to the cargo on the same day, if the bread type is not sold out during the day.

Orders after 16.00 (except Friday) are shipped the next day. Orders placed on Friday or received on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be shipped on Monday, since they are placed after 16.00 on Thursday. All these processes are related to our detailed planning, including shipping limitations and our meticulousness to present our products fresher.

You can see the details about the packaging in the video below.
It's been 2 days since my order, I still haven't received my products?
Orders placed before 16.00 are shipped on the same day, orders placed after 16.00 are shipped the next day.

Under normal circumstances, your product should reach you on the 2nd or 3rd day following the release date. However, due to the shipping network's own planning, shipping to some cities in Turkey may take 3-4 days after leaving us. Please let us know if you think your order is more delayed than usual.
Do you slice the breads when shipping?
Most of our sourdough breads can be sliced ​​and shipped upon request. For this, before adding the product you like to the cart, it is sufficient to tick the "Slice" box under the "Slicing Option". If the Slice box is not checked, the breads will be sent whole.
Our Whole Rye Sour Yeast Bread and Pumpkin Seed Whole Rye Sour Yeast Bread products are not sliced ​​in accordance with consumption advice. It is recommended that these breads be consumed only by cutting them very thinly during consumption.
All our sourdough toast bread varieties are packed in slices.
Do you have a gluten free product?
There are no gluten-free (gluten-free) products among our products. We cannot recommend our products to those who are allergic to gluten, have high gluten sensitivity or prefer gluten-free products due to their diet.
Despite the knowledge that the Buckwheat Sourdough Bread, which we started to produce in January 2019, contains nearly zero gluten, we cannot call our bread "Gluten Free" since the Rye Sour Yeast we use contains very little gluten.
However, we can say that all of our sourdough breads are healthier in terms of the amount of gluten they contain, compared to the breads produced using industrial yeast.
Do you have einkorn wheat products?
There is. We started the production of Siyez Sour Yeast Bread in January 2019.
Can your products be used on a “diet”?
Detailed information about the contents of our products is available on each product page. If you have to diet for medical reasons, we recommend that you consult your doctor first. If you are on a diet or following a weight loss diet because of your healthy lifestyle choices, we have products that you may want to use in your diet.
How reliable is your website for shopping with a credit card?
Our entire website is end-to-end protected with the highest industry standard 256 Bit encryption technique. As a credit card payment system, we use completely independent, highly secure and BRSA authorized institution systems. Your credit card information is not seen by us and is not stored in any way.
My credit card is giving an error, I can't end the transaction?
Are you sure that your credit card is open to internet usage and that you have authorized your bank in this direction? Is your credit card available for use in Turkey? If this is one of the issues, please check with your bank / issuer of the credit card you have before proceeding.
Apart from these, if you think that this is a temporary technical problem that may occur on our site; Let us know the "error code" you get if any, or if you don't get an error code, let us try to solve it and let you know.
Can I pay at the door?
No. “Pay at the Door”, which can be found among the payment options, is not active at the moment.
If I don't like the products I purchased, can I return them?
Since "dislike" is not a return criterion in food product return protocols, we cannot accept return requests based on dislike.

However, if you share the details with us in case of any negativity regarding the products you have received, we will be happy to work on the correction and compensation.
You said we don't take returns, but you need to see the package that came to me!
If you have received a damaged or defective package in any way, we would love to see it. The courier company officials with whom we have an agreement will also want to see it. Whether you have received the package or not, please take a photo of it and email it to us. Let's see what we can do to make up for it and let you know the result.
What does "pican" mean?
Pikan, which gives its name to our brand, is the name of a walnut species of Carya Illinoensis type belonging to the Carya genus in the Juglandaceae family.
What does "Sourdough" mean?
The information about sourdough and sourdough bread is too extensive to be answered briefly in this section. You can access all the things you are wondering about from our sourdough academy content and our sourdough page.
Do you ship abroad?
No, unfortunately not. We do not make sales or shipments to countries other than Turkey and the TRNC due to food regulations.
Do I have to subscribe to your website in order to place an order?
No. You can also order without a subscription (without a member).
However, there are two main advantages of being a subscriber (member) to our site: First, you may not have to fill in the same information (ID, shipping address, etc.) again in your next order. Secondly, you can take advantage of the surprises, innovations and discounts that we plan to share only with our subscribers.
Is your phone line always open or active at what times?
Our phone line, which we announced for communication and order assistance / support purposes, can only be used between Monday and Saturday and between 9.00-18.00 working hours. Besides calling us, you can also send a message via WhatsApp.
Do you have a discount campaign? What advantages do you offer?
Shipping is free for orders over 250 TL, and the shipping cost is covered by us.
Can I order by phone?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders via our phone number, which we announced for communication and order assistance / support purposes.
The question I want to ask and the answer are not here, what should I do?
You should ask us directly using the information on our contact page; We will try to answer you the same day. If your question is of a nature that we have overlooked but is of interest to all our users, we will be happy to add the answer here as well later.